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SM Domicile

SM Domicile



Explore the dark side of your imagination

The third playroom transports you to a dark and mysterious world where you can explore the limits of your imagination and delve into your most hidden desires and longings. The walls are designed with a sponging technique reminiscent of a basement or dungeon, creating the perfect ambiance for your sensual adventures in this captivating environment.

To make your experience even more intense and unforgettable, we have equipped the room with a variety of tools and furniture specifically designed for your intimate fetish rituals. These include a standing pillory and a punishment horse, allowing you to try out different scenarios, positions, and role-playing while fully living out your dominance or submission.

The padded stretching bench and special facesitting seat offer additional stimulation and open up new dimensions of sensual experience. These versatile pieces of furniture enable you to experience your body and that of your partner in entirely new ways, and live out your fantasies without any limitations.

The dark ambiance of the room is complemented by a selection of high-quality accessories and toys that help make your most secret fantasies come true. From whips and restraints to masks and gags, we have provided everything you need to unleash your darkest passions.

Let your creativity run wild and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dark passions while feeling completely free and uninhibited in this unique space. The combination of exclusive furniture, seductive accessories, and a mysterious atmosphere makes the enigmatic dungeon a place where you can explore your deepest longings and bring your wildest fantasies to life.