SM Domicile

SM Domicile

SM Domicile



A place where both dominant and submissive BDSM enthusiasts can fully indulge.

In this playroom, both dominant and submissive BDSM enthusiasts can expect a seductive experience that will stimulate your senses and fantasies. Our second playroom is carefully designed and equipped with a variety of toys and tools, giving you the opportunity to live out your deepest desires and preferences while immersing yourself in a world of power, control, and devotion.

Let the soundproof isolation box Eclipse transport you to a world of sensory deprivation and intense experiences. The isolation box is specifically designed to sharpen your senses and open up new perspectives on your own boundaries and possibilities. Use the ladder wall to explore creative bondage and positions, and let your imagination run wild as you take control of your partner or submit completely.

The erotic love swing (sling) invites you to a variety of sensual positions, allowing you to experience your body and that of your partner in entirely new ways. The rotating red-black St. Andrew’s Cross is another highlight of the room, providing an impressive backdrop for your dominant and submissive adventures.

Additionally, you’ll find a selection of high-quality whips, restraints, masks, and other accessories in this room, helping you make your most secret fantasies come true. Each element is carefully chosen to provide you with an authentic and thrilling experience that brings you and your partner closer together and allows you to explore your deepest desires.

In this unique space, you can fully live out your role as a dominant or submissive partner while completely surrendering to the power of desire. Discover the fascinating world of BDSM practices and let the room’s atmosphere take you to unprecedented heights of pleasure. The combination of exclusive furniture, sensual accessories, and a seductive atmosphere make the Room of Submission an unforgettable experience that brings your most intimate fantasies to life.